16 Mar

We have some exciting news regarding the MpixPro Signature Book. After we received some valuable feedback from you, we’ve decided to add new features and improvements to better serve your needs. The MpixPro Signature Book now begins and ends with white end leaves just like the MpixPro Signature Album. In addition, we have increased the paper

15 Jun

Matt Kloskowski is a photography and Photoshop instructor with OnOne, Inc. In addition to his numerous podcasts and tutorials, Matt is a best-selling author of over 20 Photoshop and digital photography books. From sizing to optimal resolution, your choices have a direct influence on how your images print. If you’re new to MpixPro and professional printing,

03 Jun

Guest video series from Matt Kloskowski, renowned photography and Photoshop instructor with OnOne, Inc. In part three, Matt shares tips to add tasteful enhancements to landscape shots and portraits.