21 May


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The Digital Imaging Lab for Professional Photographers
MpixPro is the newest division from Miller’s Professional Imaging–a company professional photographers have trusted for over 40 years. Integrating Miller’s established reputation with today’s most advanced technology, MpixPro meets all the digital imaging needs of the modern professional photographer.

Innovation through Tradition
The digital revolution has happened and it’s here to stay. Cameras, equipment and software are constantly evolving. Even your clients demand everything faster, better and state-of-the-art. With MpixPro innovative digital imaging products and applications go hand-in-hand with experience and knowledge.

Exceptional quality, superior service, fast turnaround and unparalleled commitment are standards established by our tradition–tradition that MpixPro puts on the cutting edge.

Focused on Your Success
As your digital imaging partner, MpixPro gives you the competitive edge to grow your studio. We are focused on your long-term success. So rely on our rich history in photographic imaging. And our commitment to exceeding your expectations.