12 Days of Christmas: Day Twelve

Day Twelve: Framed Prints + Closing Thoughts

Hey friends!

Well, here we are. ((sniff sniff, sob sob)) Why can’t it be 25 days of Christmas?

For our final day, I wanted to hit up the old standby: framed prints. There have been lots of new ideas presented over this series, but framed prints have withstood the test of time. MpixPro can print all sorts of sizes, up to 20×30, so they’re good for just about any budget. What I love about sending framed prints is that I make sure my art is displayed how I want it displayed. Having control over the final product is huge. Good for families and vendors and clients, this is really a great way to take care of anybody on your gift-giving list.

Okay, so that’s it! More than anything, I hope that you’ve been inspired in some way to show your appreciation this holiday season. I’m appreciative of all my clients – they allow me to have the life I love. I’m appreciative of my fellow vendors – they refer me and keep me in business. I’m appreciative of my family and friends – they’ve created a support system that has encouraged me in my endeavors and loved me unconditionally. And, I’m appreciative of you – you’ve helped me feel valued and appreciated myself. Thank you!

And to all a good night,



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