12 Days of Christmas: Day Three

Day Three: Gallery Wrap Collections, aka Boutique Store Marketing

As MpixPro customers, a lot of us are smaller boutique-style studios. I love boutiques: boutique hotels, boutique clothing stores, boutique ANYTHING. As a dad, I feel like I get to play the very real game of dress up: real kiddo with real clothes. It’s a part of my dad duties that I have lots of fun with. Because of that, the children’s clothing boutiques in my area know me well. So well in fact that I’ve hosted “model call” events with them to make us both buckets of money. Because of this multi-faceted relationship, I have much to be thankful for to them.

A gallery wrap collection is a perfect way to thank them! Wait a second… those are kinda pricey to just give away. Sure they are. But so is any marketing piece! The difference is on the return of investment. A children’s clothing boutique often boasts customers that have money to spend. They’re quality leads! Add your logo, contact info, or whatever you wish to the gallery wrap collection and you’re instantly advertising to this well-qualified new group of leads. A single sitting fee would cover the costs of the canvas collection (we’re a little expensive), so I like my odds.
(this is of my daughter! isn’t she PRESH?!?!)

If you want to add a little extra magic, present the gallery wrap collection as:

“on loan from Benfield Photography” with your contact info – kablammo! Gives it that museum-y-ness. (I made up a new word)

That way, if a particular boutique doesn’t generate much, pick it up and deliver it to another.

Oh, and since this is a Christmas post, I need to mention, albeit briefly, that these made great gifts to wedding planners for their offices. Or Florists (imagine 9 bouquets you photographed this year for the florist all neatly presented on their wall). Or a dress shop. Send it with a message like, “I had such a wonderful time photographing Ashley and John’s wedding with you this year. You created such a wonderful masterpiece! I look forward to future events with you!”

Happy 12 days of Christmas!


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