12 Days of Christmas: Day Ten

Day Ten: Order Changes and Shipping Options Through Zenfolio, aka Turn Customers Into Fans

I love Zappos. Who’s with me? If you’ve never used Zappos.com you’re missing out on a great experience. They are a company that I model aspects of my own company after. One such thing that I took from reading the CEO’s book, Delivering Happiness, is that by giving your clients something they didn’t even know they needed is a sure-fire way to turn a customer into a fan. Free overnight shipping is a great way to do this (Zappos.com does free shipping, even on returns). If you’re an early adopter of the new Zenfolio Premium Business plan (it’s GREAT, by the way!!) you have the ability to go in and change orders and shipping options. Hello! That’s just what we’ve been talking about!

(in the screen shot below, I gave a shipping discount, upgraded to fedex, and added boutique packing – shown by the red arrows)

Imagine getting an email from a business you’ve ordered from saying, “Thank you so much for your order! I really wanted to show you my appreciation so I upgraded you to overnight Fedex shipping! For Free! I’ve refunded the amount you paid for shipping. We hope that you and your family have a really wonderful Christmas!”


Imagine getting an email from a business you’ve ordered from saying, “I really appreciate you! In addition to your 16×20 order, I’ve included a second one for free! I’d love for you to keep it a secret and give it to someone as a gift! Happy Holidays to you and your family!” (notice the “Add Products” in the screen shot above? That’s how!)

I don’t know about you, but either of those would immediately turn me into a fan for life! And it didn’t take too much out of my pocket.

Happy 12 days of Christmas!


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