12 Days of Christmas: Day Six

Day Six: Stickers + Puzzles, aka Presents For Kids

You show me a child who doesn’t love stickers or puzzles…
This idea is again a post that is easily adaptable from a personal to a professional level. For Christmas, I’m going to give Ellie a trip to Paris. That girl LOVES the Eiffel Tower! How cool would it be for me to tell her that she gets to see the wondrous landmark by giving her a puzzle of it (from an image I took, of course).

For your clients’ kids, you can send it to, say, Grant and Caroline (the kiddos below), from Benfield Photography. The puzzle is of them! How cool to have your own puzzle! Those parents, by the way, are going to LOOOOVE you! And you better believe they’re going to tell their friends all about the super thoughtful photographers who cared enough to send their children a Christmas present. Holla!


Stickers work the same way. Ellie adores stickers. Multiply her love of stickers with her love of pictures of her and you have a product that gets squeals when opened.


Happy 12 days of Christmas!


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