12 Days of Christmas: Day Seven

Day Seven: Accordion Books, aka The Ultimate Brag Book

Can you believe we’re already at day seven? I hope you’ve found these posts to be valuable both personally and professionally. It’s been great to organize my thoughts on screen (remember when we used to say “on paper”?)

Today’s post is all about one of MpixPro’s SEXIEST products: Accordion Books. I used to do 5×5 custom cover books for my clients as gifts. They were cool, but in keeping up with my “boutique” style brand, I yearned for something sexier. Enter accordion books. Parents haven’t seen anything like this before, and JUMP at the chance to pull this out of their purse. Fully branded (of course) my name spreads every time mommy pulls this puppy out to show off her kids’ recent photo shoot. I like to get this in their hands BEFORE she heads to all those holiday parties.

Which reminds me… anytime I send a gift to a client, I send them a message via Facebook or email: Hey ______, Keep your eye on the front porch! I’ve sent something your way. Definitely don’t wait until Christmas to open it! Have a super day! ~Dale

Oh, and I feel like the frosted slip cover is a must. Have you looked inside a woman’s purse lately??? Those things hold EVERYTHING! And the last thing I’d want is for my lovely marketing piece (because c’mon, that’s what this is) to get scuffed, marked on, lipsticked, nail-filed, etc. Protect your investment and add even more wow-factor-ness. (another new word!)


As a more affordable solution, perhaps for an almost-as-good client, the accordion mini is super cool. At less than half the price, you still get the word of mouth marketing.

(the right two are ours!)

Happy 12 days of Christmas!


2 Responses to “12 Days of Christmas: Day Seven”

  1. lanne says:

    These are such great posts Dale – and your right..everyone would love to have these to show off..

  2. Dale says:

    Thanks Lanne!!! You’re the coolest.