12 Days of Christmas: Day Four

Day Four: The Best Gift I Ever Received, aka Custom Hard Cover Books

For Father’s Day this year, Meredith and Ellie worked together to create the best gift I’ve ever received. Meredith designed the custom hard cover book by filling it with tons of images of Ellie growing up, and included fill-in-the-blank pages for Ellie such as: “Things I Love To Do With Daddy…” “Daddy Teaches Me…” etc. I cried the first time I read it, and have cried about it 10 times since then. My favorite page is “Daddy Makes Me Feel…”

I don’t know what parent wouldn’t LOVE this!! If you have a client that has spent a particularly large some of $$ with you this year, wouldn’t this be a great surprise for them? (send to Dad to give to Mom) I mean, c’mon! That’s a heck of a present. You would have a CLIENT FOR LIFE!!

Obviously, you can give these to your own friends and family as well, but that won’t make you a ton of money. On the other hand, if you sent a rockin’ wedding venue a hard cover book showing off a particularly fabulous wedding there, that will likely lead to more bookings. It takes just a little bit of money to make a lot of money! If your prices are even 1/2 of ours, your ROI is WELL worth it!

Here’s one of my from a recent couple…
Custom Hard Cover Book
And here’s an iPhone shot (excuse the quality – haha) of a couple from my personal book…

Happy 12 days of Christmas!


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