12 Days of Christmas: Day Five

Day Five: Mpix Gift Cards, aka The Gift For The Impossible-To-Buy-For-Person

I dread anybody who has to buy a present for me. My office is tricked out already, I have plenty of clothes, and anything else I need, I normally buy it. Let’s face it, I’m hard to buy for. Honestly, most dads are. My dad was probably the hardest person on earth to buy for. He needs nothing. One Christmas, probably 10 or so years ago, he pulled me aside and let me know his favorite presents: pictures.

So simple.

He just solved, for me, one of life’s greatest riddles. Lucky for me, I take a pretty decent picture (and so do you!) so ever since then, I’ve known what to get him. All I have to do is upload photos to his Mpix account, then send him an Mpix gift card.

We also do this for our clients from time to time. We give CDs in our packages when they receive their wedding album, and always refer them to Mpix. To make it easier, we can use MpixPro ROES to send files to Mpix or to Zenfolio. We tell them that Mpix has great quality (and add that we use the Pro version of Mpix), fast turnaround, and are super affordable. Then, to get them started, we’ve been known to give a small gift card to them to get prints as kind of an incentive to get used to the ordering process. I love that I can trust them to make QUALITY prints of my work.


The other cool thing about sending Mpix gift cards as a Christmas present to your clients is that you can completely customize the amount. Five dollars goes a long way when you’re talking 4x6s at Mpix prices. You could also increase the value based on how much the client has invested in you this year.

Happy 12 days of Christmas!


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