12 Days of Christmas: Day Eleven

Day Eleven: Custom DVDs, aka Slideshows That Stick

Wow! We’re almost finished with this series. Honestly, I’m a little sad! It’s been so fun writing these for you. I hope they’ve inspired you in some way or another.

Today I want to talk about an easy way to breathe new life into an older photo shoot: slideshows on custom dvds. If you’ve earned all you can from a shoot, why not give it new life by sending your clients a slideshow to play on their big ol’ HD TV (this also teaches them that bigger is, in fact, better). Furthermore, MpixPro has the ability to make you look like a SUPERSTAR to your clients. Their custom dvds and custom dvd cases take you from ordinary to over-the-top awesome! Seriously.

For the slideshow part, I have a mac so it’s quite easy to do. If you don’t have a mac, get one. Just kidding. There are many many slideshow programs out there (check out Animoto if you need something that’s trendy – I was Animoto before Animoto was cool. Haha!). Whatever your means of creating your slideshow, a custom disc and case is the best way, hands down, to present your product.

Happy 12 days of Christmas!


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