12 Days of Christmas: Day Eight

Day Eight: Ornaments, aka The Lesser-Known (but equally cool) Use For the Circle Luxe Card

I should have made this one on day 2, but worry not! With MpixPro’s insane turnaround time (even during the holidays), this could still get to your clients with two weeks to spare. And if done well, they’ll put them out every year! I’m talking about ornaments, which is a great option for the circle Luxe card. (Did you ever notice the “Options for pre-punched hanger hold on circular templates”?)

This could become a tradition for your clients! You send them the first one, and then ensure job security by selling the idea of having these made every year for the holiday tree. That’s easy money there! 🙂 Because they come in sets of 25, I’d encourage my families to hold on to the extras (or order extras) so the tradition can last 20+ years.

Because they’re double-sided, you can have a cool design on the front with image, and on the back you can put your logo and then some blanks to fill in each year (kids names and ages, etc.).

Here’s to lifetime clients!

Happy 12 days of Christmas!


One Response to “12 Days of Christmas: Day Eight”

  1. Sara Bliss says:

    I totally didn’t know that they had ornaments. I’ll have to look into this- we have a tradition of getting ornaments for our kids every year. A picture one is so perfect!