MpixPro + Zenfolio

Over the last year the feedback we have heard most from MpixPro and Zenfolio customers alike is that the two services needed to integrate. Today, we are extremely excited to formally announce that MpixPro products are now available though Zenfolio’s new Premium Business plan.

Photographers now have the ability to use MpixPro as their lab through Zenfolio’s e-commerce solution. Want a simple workflow that not only saves you time, but will bring in more sales? Zenfolio has mastered the art of easy ordering.

How it Works:

1. Upload images to your Zenfolio site
2. Select which Mpix and MpixPro products you want to offer
3. Set your prices
4. Send your customers to your customizable website for ordering

With Zenfolio and Mpix/MpixPro, your workflow could not be easier. Once this is done you can sit back and watch the cash roll in.

Learn more about MpixPro products offered at Zenfolio.

As part of the Zenfolio Premium Business plan customers can now order MpixPro print, press and specialty products.

This addition adds an awesome service to the already great Zenfolio offerings.

16 Responses to “MpixPro + Zenfolio”

  1. daniel dyk says:

    on the annual renewal, will the renewal for all this be $250 / $200/ or ?? .. for Zenfolio plus MpixPro….

    i understand it’s $200 right now… but am curios on what the future annual renewal will be..thx.

  2. Regina Smith says:

    Will orders still not be color corrected

  3. Sarah Cook says:

    Can I offer a 5×7 mounted only as opposed to making them choose mounting?

  4. Zenfolio says:

    For the month of November current Zenfolio users can upgrade for a special price of $200 per year and lock in this special promotional rate for future renewals.
    The users current subscription will be prorated and applied to the cost of upgrade and every annual renewal after that will be $200 for the Premium Business plan.

  5. Ben says:

    Zenfolio on their news page says this will lock in your rate for future years, as well:

    “SPECIAL UPGRADE OFFER FOR CURRENT USERS: For the month of November current Zenfolio users can upgrade to the Premium Business plan for a special upgrade price of $200 per year. This offer will allow you to lock yourself into this special promotional rate even for future renewals so you save a lot of money.”

    So… woo hoo! 🙂

  6. I love mixpro and the service that they provide. Will this be a gallery site as well as purchasing site for my clients?

  7. murph says:

    Will this upgrade include access to mpixpro albums?????

  8. Does this mean that my clients can now order custom cover (coffee table) books, and professional albums?? Say yeah.

  9. Brian Burns says:

    One major weakness in my opinion: while you can get most MpixPro products through Zenfolio, Zenfolio do not currently pass through the shipping benefits of MpixPro. You have to pay the regular Mpix rates for shipping.

  10. Matt says:

    This is definitely a great new feature. One feature I wish was included was the ability for my customers to be able to create their own pre assembled albums or DVD’s or the ability to add multiple photos to a package, not just different sizes of the same photo.

  11. Jenn says:

    I am already a MpixPro client. How do I link it up? Thanks.

  12. Zenfolio charges more for shipping than Mpixpro. Zen is charging for the premium business account, they are making profit on the shipping and I don’t think they offer all of the products from Mpixpro.

    I love Zen and I love Mpixpro BUT I don’t like the way they are married up. Using ROES to print is not as easy as Zen but I can’t see spending $150 more per year and more on shipping AND not getting the full product line.

    Yes, I do understand that Zen is offering other perks for the higher yearly cost but those aren’t of interest to me. Oh well, it’s a start.

  13. Heather says:

    Just wondering if clients will have access to set up product and order everything themselves. With templates and things, will this be a drag and drop type of a thing or will they actually be responsible for designing their product as we would if were ordering it for them?

  14. Zenfolio says:

    Regina, MpixPro orders are not color corrected even when ordered through Zenfolio.

    Sarah, You can add framing and finishing options in your pricelists, but unfortunately you can’t require them to be mounted. However you can create a special self fulfilled product that is mounted, add it to any category you see fit, and drop ship it to your client.

    Barbara, this can be your portfolio, gallery, proofing or purchasing site, or any combination of the above. Zenfolio is the most versatile and comprehensive online photography solution for professional photographers.

    Murph and Steven, you can see the list of available MpixPro products here:

    Matt, you definitely can create a multiple image package, see step 5 here: I think your other suggestions have been submitted here: so be sure to vote on them.

    Jen, you can start the process here:

    Brian and Michael, take a look here: your enhancements might have already been suggested so you can vote on them, if not be sure to submit your suggestions.

    With the products that are fully integrated with Zenfolio your clients will be able to order everything themselves with easy drag and drop/point and click interface.

    Hope these answers help. 🙂

  15. SHAZnyc says:

    I’ve been left in the wind while waiting!

    I’ve waited so long for MpixPro to come to Zenfolio. I got the Zenfolio’s Premium for that reason. Now, MpixPro is only available though Zenfolio’s NEW Premium Business plan. I feel like Zenfolio did this just to mock me.

  16. Just realized I missed the special promo price of $200.00 per year… anyway I can still get that price? I wanted to upgrade… 🙂