Luxe Cards are Here!

Meet the newest addition to the MpixPro family: Luxe Cards!

Your customers deserve a high end card, something that shows off the beauty of your images in a unique way. Our Luxe Cards give you an option for a stylish card that is just different enough to stand out.

Product Details
* Available on all Press papers
* Five different shape options
* Printed at 5×7 and 5×5
* Templates for rectangle, ornate, square, circle and scalloped circle cuts
* Envelopes included at no cost
* Options for pre-punched hanger hold
* UV Coating optional
* Boutique Packaging optional
* Sold in sets of 25
* Sample Packs are available in ROES


13 Responses to “Luxe Cards are Here!”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh man… glad I held off on cards until this weekend…. So many more options now!

  2. Lesa Jackson says:

    is there anyway you can send me an example of the cards so when I have my mini christmas session in a few weeks I will have these cards to show?

  3. Kira says:

    Awesome – I love these!

    Lesa: It says you can order a sample kit through ROES. I checked and it’s $10.

  4. Steve says:

    That peace card!

    Too funny!

    I may have to shoot my nieces like that and order those cards just to see my sister’s expression…

  5. Dominique says:

    Maybe a dumb question, but are we then designing the entire card, patterns and all? Is this what the sample kit is for in aiding the design?

  6. MpixPro says:

    The sample kit is for helping show your customers what the cards are like.

  7. These look fantastic!! Oh my! I really like them!

  8. julie says:

    I like the new Luxe card styles, but would LOVE you to have a higher end paper offering, like a 130lb card stock option. Any plans to offer thicker card stock options?

  9. MpixPro says:

    We do not have plans to add any new papers this year, but we are always looking at new options.

  10. love them! I have looked and looked…a customer wants to use the Peace on Earth template shown in the picture here…where can I find this particular template?

  11. MpixPro says:

    That particular template was designed by one of our customers.

  12. Adam Packard says:

    Can’t get the video to play on my computer. Windows XP, SP3, in either IE7 or FF3.6. Clicking the “Watch Video” button takes me to a TechSmith page with this error:

    We’re sorry! There was a problem with this page.

    The error has been logged and we will attempt to fix it soon.

    Please help. Thanks!

  13. Sue Bird says:

    Hey there, I noticed under the luxe card video that the screen grab on the ROES shows the option to chose the luxe card in press, this is not available on my ROES, is there a special way for thes cards to be ordered? Is my ROES out of date?