Exclusive Jamie Schultz Designs at MpixPro!


At MpixPro we have something that no other lab can offer you- exclusive Holiday templates from Jamie Schultz Designs. Our ROES program comes pre-loaded with templates designed by Jamie specifically, and exclusively, for MpixPro products. Check out all of Jamie’s MpixPro templates here.

Looking for more templates that designed to MpixPro specs? Check out Jamie’s site!

Looking for ways to incorporate Jamie’s designs this holiday season? We asked our Facebook friends for feedback and collected some very cool responses:

Corrie O’Donnell Nicholas | Billings, MT
“I love, love, love the Christmas card designs! For the month of November, with every photo shoot I am doing, I am including custom made Christmas cards to give to each of my clients..they can hand them out as they please and so far 100% success! Each of my clients that I have done this with has ordered more. Love it!”

CL Buchanan Photography | Ottawa, ON, Canada
“Well that’s easy – I use them because they are beautiful and as soon as my clients see them they know detail is important to me. Everything is so well thought out and put together. As a photographer it allows me to do what I do best- photograph. With my photography, Jamie’s design, and Mpix Pro’s printing it’s the trifecta in my world!”

Steph Allen Photography | Grand Island, NE
“I purchased the Cosmo Cards/rep cards from her Senior templates. I love them so much that I use them as business cards…printed on pearl paper from Mpix Pro….BEAUTIFUL and EVERYONE comments on how amazing looking they are. I also purchased the grad invites last year….love her stuff !!”

Gayle Vehar | Spanish Fork, UT
“I (and—most importantly—my clients!!) are absolutely IN LOVE with her holiday designs this year. I almost can’t express my giddiness when I get to show a client the designs. They represent my business SO well. It was hard to pick from her 2009 sets. However, my very favorite thing about her designs is that they are versatile enough to be used more than one purpose. With some minor changes, I have used them for Senior announcements, marketing materials, and more!! Thanks Jamie!”

Manda Murphy
“I am in the midst of compiling my previous work and utilizing Jamie’s Album designs. Nothing beats showing my clients the real thing where they can hold, touch, smell and feel. Also, I am working on creating my business’s collection price list though Jamie’s Design. I love how her simple and elegant designs compliments “ME” and my business. Jamie’s thank you card design will also be sent to my clients along with their ready printing products.”

6 Responses to “Exclusive Jamie Schultz Designs at MpixPro!”

  1. Kendra says:

    This might be a silly question, but if ROES is pre-loaded with the templates, how do I access them? They are gorgeous!

  2. Denae says:

    Yes, how do we access these? I realize this may sound dumb, but I have no idea how to access the actual files so that I can use them for my clients.

  3. Denise Eaton says:

    I love Jamie Schultz”s designs, I was wondering if you have samples to show my clients, other than on line.
    Her designs are so simple but very rich looking.

  4. MpixPro says:

    We do not have a sample packet for these at this time.

  5. MpixPro says:

    @Denae- The templates are already loaded in ROES. Just pick PRESS from the drop down catalog and then pick a flat or folded card.