Standouts Shine Bright for Esther Mathieu

Esther Mathieu chooses Standouts to display her seaside inspired imagery. Her light and breezy style is a perfect match for this understated décor option.

“Standouts are such a hit at my studio! I use single images to create wall galleries and also create storyboards using my own templates. I also love to use my newborn session’s birth announcement template to create a keepsake that includes their birth information.”

As you know, no two clients are alike. Whether you’re trying to showcase an image with minimal flair or you’re displaying the raw emotion of a powerful photograph, Standouts offer a timeless solution for featuring your work.

“For my light and airy beachy style, the white edge is the perfect touch. If your style is colorful and contrasty or if you do a lot of black and white conversions, the black edge would be the perfect touch to enhance your images.”

This versatile display piece is great for a plethora of styles and is very simple to hang. Sophisticated and chic, Standouts are a great for the office, studio or home.

“I love how light they are (so light you can hang smaller ones up with push pins!), making them the most convenient ready-to-display product. Smaller sizes can be displayed directly on a desk or mantle, which is perfect for a smaller collage for the office. Standouts provide a wonderful alternative product for clients who love ready-to-hang products such as canvas, but would like to switch things up for their walls.” 

Thanks, Esther, we are thrilled that you love Standouts as much as we do. Visit the website to learn more about this amazing product that will make your images, well … stand out!

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