2012 Top Product Picks

We work hard here at the lab to bring you high-quality products that you and your clients will love. So, exactly which products do we see come through the lab most often and which products can you all just not stop talking about?

The 2012 top products include the following fan favorites:

LayFlat Books are a beloved choice for photographers and their clients. A modern alternative to an album, Layflat Books give you more design freedom, as your images are not distorted or lost in the gutter. Use bold, bright images to tell the story of a special memory or event that can be shared with family and friends as a gift or left on the coffee table for holiday visitors to browse.

Luxe Frames were introduced earlier this year to a warm reception. Initially launched with two sizes and five colors, these fancy frames include the print and the mounting and come ready to hang, which allow you to position yourself as a one-stop gift shop.

For clients who need a large number of gifts or a slightly lower price point, show them the newly added 5×7 size. Either way, Luxe Frames provide you a unique, chic piece of art perfect for gift-giving.

Luxe Cards are extremely popular and continue to get rave reviews. Perfect for greetings, announcements and save-the-dates, this card lets the beauty of your images shine in a way that is just different enough to stand out.

What’s even better than Luxe Cards? When they are paired with our snazzy new Address Labels! These stylish and smart time-savers are a must-have this season. As the ideal complement to your beautiful card creations, Address Labels are easy and quick to design, offering you a convenient way to increase holiday sales.

Position your studio as the place for contemporary, distinct press cards and specialty products this holiday season with MpixPro. Visit the website to get a jump on your holiday selling strategy.

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