What’s New: Custom Printed DVDs


One of the hottest products at MpixPro has been the Custom CD Case, but what is a Custom CD Case without a Custom Printed DVD? Today we are releasing the perfect match to Custom CD Cases: Custom Printed DVDs.

Whether you are looking for a cool, unique way to brand your business or want to show off that awesome shot from their special day, Custom Printed DVDs give you the ability to personalize every disk.

Just upload us the image and we will send you a blank DVD that won’t fade, scratch or smudge.


DVD Specs:
Printed on a DVD-R disc
8x Recording speed
4.7GB of memory
Printed with Everest 600 Thermal Printers
DVD ships in cardboard DVD sleeve
1-2 business days for processing


17 Responses to “What’s New: Custom Printed DVDs”

  1. Max Surikov says:

    That’s for what I’ve been waiting. Thanks much!!!

  2. This is so perfect! I have been trying to figure out how to “label” my CDS since I ordered your cases to make it equally nice. So excited about this!

  3. Thanks so much guys! I was just looking into a printer that prints to DVD’s but I like this direction so much better!

  4. Allen Hyslip says:

    Any idea on price?. I have been waiting on this, they will go well with the custom cases.

  5. Michael McGee says:

    One word…. Sweet:-)

  6. Katheleen says:

    This is awesome! I am impressed each day with MpixPro! I tried another company because I was given a “coupon”. I wanted to see how they stood up to MpixPro. Honestly, I liked the items I received BUT I missed the instant gratification I got with MpixPro. You have spoiled me….I hate waiting a few days for my order to arrive. Keep up the good work and new products.

  7. MpixPro says:

    Pricing is $7.00 per disc. Thanks!

  8. Any chance of printing on archival quality disks?

  9. Anna Sawin says:

    How much is the case? Looks like a great pair!

  10. Yet again, MpixPro ROCKS!!! This is a great solution for photographers who provide their clients with DVDs. So much more professional looking than using a label printed on an inkjet printer. Thanks!

  11. This looks awesome! Does the $7.00 include ths shipping?

  12. MpixPro says:

    @Anna- Cases are $30.00

    @Andy- The $7.00 does not include shipping. Shipping is $4.00 per order.

  13. LolaSMITH25 says:

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  15. amie says:

    I absolutely LOVE this… such unique packaging.