Now Available: Image Box + CD Holder


One of the great things about developing new products for MpixPro is that we get to take the awesome feedback our customers give us and be creative. One thing we heard was, “How cool would it be to stick a CD on the inside of the image boxes!?”.  This sounded pretty cool, and so we’ve done it.

Now you can add a CD holder to your 5×7″ Custom Image Box– and the best part is they are free. Zero dollars. Just select the “CD/DVD” button in ROES when checking out.

MpixPro Catalog- Custom Image Box

8 Responses to “Now Available: Image Box + CD Holder”

  1. Fabulous – both listening to your clients AND adding value without an additional charge. Thanks, MpixPro!

  2. Mona B says:

    Very,very nice. It’s great that you are innovative an creative.

  3. Mark Reed says:

    Thanks MpixPro! This saves me a step and makes for a better presentation of DVD’s to my customers. Previously I was sending them in a Priority Mail box in plastic jewell cases that I bought at my office supply store. Including them inside the image box makes for a much-more professional look.

  4. LOVE IT! Now can you add it to the 4×6? 🙂

  5. Heidi Myers says:

    You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for offering this great product! So glad I have you…

  6. Another reason why I know with 100% certainty that I made the right decision last month when I picked MpixPro over their competitors for my image processing & add-on needs. Thanks for continuing to impress me even after “landing the deal”.

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