MpixPro ROES Update- Sept. 30, 2009


ROES is preparing to release an updated ROES Client on Wednesday, September
30th. Below is a list of features and updates made to the Client.

1. Java version 1.4 wil no longer be supported by the ROES system.

– Mac OS X 10.3.9 will not run the new ROES system.
– Java 1.6 will be the default Java version.
– Java 1.5 will be compatible on Windows XP and Mac systems. Vista requires version 1.6
– Any customers running Java 1.4 in Windows should update to Java 6 update 7 (, use JRE Download link).

2. Snow Leopard issues
On June 16, 2009 Apple deployed an update to OS X 10.5.7 for Java via Software Updates. This update, listed as Java Update 10.5.4, has performed some restructuring of the folder path to Java Web Start, and fails to retain the file in its’ expected path of Applications – Utilities. For existing ROES users, attempting to launch a ROES shortcut results in the icon bouncing on the dock and nothing else occurring. For new users, in most cases the launch.jnlp file that begins the ROES install is displayed in a text editor since the system is unable to open it with the expected program.

To resolve these startup errors, open a Finder window on the system. Select the local hard drive (usually listed as Macintosh HD) and then choose System, then Library, then CoreServices. Once viewing the contents of CoreServices, scroll down and locate Java Web and copy it to the clipboard (right-click or CTRL click and choose Copy). Now to put the file where expected, again in a Finder window choose Applications and Utilities. Paste it into the Utilities folder (right-click or CTRL-click and choose Paste Item with the Utilties folder highlighted).

To start ROES, open a web browser, go to the lab’s web site and launch ROES from their link. During the startup process, 2 warning windows will display – one to trust the application and another to allow it unrestricted access to the system. Click OK to both of these and ROES should open as normal.

3. Mac OS X 10.4 Panther Startup

Some OS X 10.4 systems trying to run the newer version of ROES have displayed startup errors regarding Java versions available. This is because the newer ROES requires Java 1.5 and in many 10.4 systems Java 1.5, while installed, is not the preferred Java set in the operating system.

To resolve this requires setting Java 1.5 as the preferred Java in OS X.

Open a Finder window and choose Applications.

Select the Utilities folder and then Java and open Java

In the dialog window that opens, it will list Java 1.4 above Java 1.5/J2SE 5. Click on the Java 5 designation and drag it just above the Java 1.4 and release (do this for applets and applications).

The window should now show Java 1.5/J2SE 5 above Java 1.4. Click OK/Save to exit the dialog and commit the changes.

Launch ROES as normal from the desktop shortcut or lab web site.

4. Books Updates

Books mode in ROES has improved button controls and page number/label display. The new buttons, starting from far left, are:

Minus sign: Remove the current page pair

Plus sign with left arrow: Add a page pair to the left of the current page

Left arrow: Flip page to go to the left (towards the cover)

Page Numbers: The page numbers/labels centered between the controls

Right arrow: Flip page to go to the right

Plus sign with right arrow: Add a page to the right of the current page

Undo arrow at far right: Reset the book – a dialog will appear and offer choices to remove all images and text (but leave the selected pages intact), or remove all pages and completely reset the book

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