Build Your Brand with MpixPro Stickers!

Standing apart from the crowd is a challenge all business owners face. How do you make your studio more memorable than the competition? We polled our Facebook and Twitter friends for answers and found many very cool ways to use MpixPro Stickers to create buzz and a memorable brand that will keep customers coming your way!

“I use my stickers on every piece of packaging that my clients receive. I also feel it gives the client a more complete look and shows them that their product is even more valuable and cared for when packaged appropriately. Customized stickers are so simple and cost effective which means keeping my cost of goods down!” {Jamie Smith, Jamie Smith Photography}

“I put the sticker on my Boutique Packaging to give to clients. If I don’t order Boutique Packing, I put the sticker on the clear sleeve the prints come in. That way when they show them off to their friends and family, they know who the took the pictures.”
{Andrea Haas, Andrea Haas Photography}

3 Responses to “Build Your Brand with MpixPro Stickers!”

  1. Bree Schaap says:

    This is amazing! I absolutely love this and it is a great way to set yourself apart, from the competition, you are so right. I am all about the packaging. Wondering if we can keep stickers with you to put on our drop ship orders to clients?That would be so GREAT! 😉

  2. Liz says:

    I just got my first sticker order in yesterday. AMAZING quality! Thanks guys!

  3. Bree Schaap says:

    cute stickers! Just curious, do you guys process film? If so, what is your turnaround, how does that work. please e-mail