What’s Hot at MpixPro: Rep Cards!

Photo credit: Amber McKenzie, Carolina Moments Photography

MpixPro was designed for the professional photographer, and we feel like part of our job is helping you identify hot, new products on the market that can benefit your business.

Introducing the new Rep Card.

To give you a few ideas on how to use this very cool product, we asked our customers!

Kara Hinzie of KV Photography (Cedar Rapids, IA):
“Trying to set my business apart I designed a Rep Card to use first at a fundraiser and second at a wedding photo booth. Both events I collected email addresses from all who were photographed and handed out the Rep Cards which included the exact web address where the photos would be published, along with ordering information. Huge hit!”

Amber McKenzie of Carolina Moments Photography (Florence, SC):
” I use the rep cards as a referral program for all my seniors. They hand them out to their friends, and each friend that schedules a appointment gets 16 free wallets and they also receive a free gift.”

Jessica Wigen Bridgewater of Photography by Jess (Gardner, KS):
“I put my rep cards in random magazines at Dr. office’s, or any waiting room. I also use those in place of business cards if there is a big group asking about photography.”

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