Use MpixPro to Send Client Files to Mpix: the VIDEO

Do you want to streamline your workflow and offer images to your clients while maintaining quality of your photography prints? Try this great MpixPro ROES feature to send clients files to Mpix. Here is short video on how to upload your images through MpixPro ROES for your clients to order on Mpix.

One Response to “Use MpixPro to Send Client Files to Mpix: the VIDEO”

  1. Carey says:

    I prefer to set clients up with a Zenfolio gallery. The Zenfolio user interface is branded to my business, it’s the same products & prices as Mpix, and I can even set it up to let them order at Mpix prices if I want to. Or I can add a little profit and still keep the prices affordable. PLUS, I can export to Zenfolio right from Lightroom. When those clients share their images on facebook or when they forward their branded email invite, it all comes back to my totally branded Zenfolio home page where I can rake in the referral business. Mpix still gets the business & orders, but my photography business gets exposure, too, which is really important for word-of-mouth. win win!