Textured Satin Book Covers Now Available

Since our launch in July we have been preparing our second round of new products and services to offer with MpixPro. Our first new addition is a Textured Satin Book Cover! For only $5.00 you can add a unique look and feel to your MpixPro books.


Each book cover is handmade and wrapped in Textured Satin cover that is printed with a custom design or image. This option is available to add on custom hard cover and lay flat books.

Here’s an inside look at how the books are produced.





2 Responses to “Textured Satin Book Covers Now Available”

  1. EXCELLANT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Constance says:

    Textured satin is by far, the most luxurious and beautiful option in my opinion. It still appears fairly matte, but the texture helps to hide fingerprints or smudges so it always stunning. Totally worth the extra couple of bucks.