ROES to Mpix Backprinting

Do you send clients to Mpix to print your images from their sessions? How would you like to start getting credit on those prints? We’re happy to now offer backprinting on images uploaded to Mpix through MpixPro ROES.

In a nutshell, MpixPro photographers can have their images backprinted with the studio name on file for any files sent to Mpix via ROES. Here’s exactly how this works:

1.Upload your images through the MpixPro ROES ‘Send files to Mpix/Zenfolio’ catalog.

2. Enter your client’s name and email address.

3. Make sure you have set-up the custom backprinting feature on your MpixPro account.

4. The system will then create an Mpix account for your client containing those images and will email your client details on how to get started.

5. Our system will automatically apply the custom backprinting you selected within your MpixPro account to the Mpix orders associated with those files. Note: The system relies on the data from your MpixPro account. Anything you change within MpixPro backprinting will apply to all Mpix client accounts you create.

6. The feature only applies when creating a new account for your client through the ROES upload catalog. If the client already has an Mpix account, the backprinting feature cannot be moved over or applied to their current account.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of MpixPro. If you have any questions on this, please contact customer service at for help.

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