Getting Creative with Wall Clings!

Our good friend Kathy Wolfe of Kathy Wolfe Photography guest blogs today with a cool tip for wall clings! Check it out:

When I first moved into my small studio space a few years ago, there were no tenants renting beside me. I have a window that goes into the adjacent studio space and for the first few years, I just had images hanging from a bar across the window, so I could still have the light filtering through into my space. That worked great, until a Karate School moved in beside me.

The school must have a shelf directly under their side of the window, and on the top shelf they stored all kinds of Masks, some that were pretty scary looking. Unfortunately you could see these masks on my side and often frightened kids that came into the studio. I contacted MPIXPRO to find out if a wall cling would stick to a window. John at MPIXPRO sent me out a sample to test and sure enough it did!!

I then decided to order a wall/window cling to put over the window, in hopes that it would still filter a little bit of light, yet hide the distracting masks. It turned out perfect!! I couldn’t have been more happy with the cling, the colors were perfect and it was super easy to put on. One of the tenants in my building is a framer, and he is making a “frame” to outline the window and turn the cling into a beautiful piece of art!!

2 Responses to “Getting Creative with Wall Clings!”

  1. Bree Schaap says:

    I just converted my faith in prints to your company and LOVING it! You rock and I love your fresh, modern style. (of course!)
    I plan on visiting your blog often, you rock!

  2. Amanda says:

    I love this idea, I have a funky basement window that lets in a lot of light but the view is just plain ugly. Thank you so much for sharing!