Get Inspired with Stacy LaCoursiere

Get Inspired with Stacey LaCoursiere

Stuck in a creative rut? Stacey LaCoursiere, a destination wedding and newborn photographer in Duluth, Minnesota, and star of our most recent ad, shares with us her inspirations and how she translates the fruits of her inspiration into joy for clients and business tools for herself.

LaCoursiere Photo

“Even when photographing three year-olds, I can instantly see the love and admiration they have for each other. This is the same for my adult wedding couples, capturing the love they have for each other is what inspires me!” 

So what products does she choose to best communicate the inspiration she finds behind the lens?

LaCoursiere Photo's Favorite Products

One classic and reliable favorite is Gallery Wraps.

“Gallery Wrap canvases are such a staple product in the go-to products that I sell. Clients love them because they offer such a high-quality look with a modern edge that turns any image into a piece of art. They look great alone or in a large collage. I love the quality and turnaround time that Mpixpro offers with their canvases!”

Stacey gets double-duty from LayFlat Books, using them as both a vendor networking tool …

After each wedding I have a LayFlat Book made of the best images from the wedding sent to the venue. It is an affordable option that gives me tremendous benefits with the venue. They love it and in turn share with their clients, giving me exposure with hundreds of potential clients!”

… and as a guest book.

“Clients love seeing the beautiful designs made from their engagement photos as a high-quality book. It is a low-cost, high-quality option with a big impact for my clients!”

New Luxe Vivid Metals allow Stacey to offer the perfect anchor or accent piece to revive the look of any room.

My clients have fallen in love with the new Luxe Vivid Metal prints! Especially my newborn clients love the option of turning a simple image into a high impact piece of art on the wall or dresser. The unique Luxe shape can transform any nursery for my clients. I’m in love with Vivid Metals and they are too!”

But don’t just take her word for it. Visit the website now to get inspired and create inspiring work of your own.

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