Accordion Books Win for Jess VanLue

Did you know? Seniors love Accordion Books! Jess VanLue Photography would know – she sells a ton of them!

“The 4×8 Accordion Book is an immediate hit with my high school senior clients. This book completely sells itself. From the moment that I present it at the ordering meeting, the swooning and planning begins. This book allows the seniors to put together a collection of unique, fun photos all in one place. They love the modern look that the accordion album offers … and so do their friends!”

If you photograph seniors, you know they don’t want to pick just one image for their session. And by giving them a way to show off all those images they love, you automatically create a tool that sells for you over and over again. Plus, they are super easy to design.

“MpixPro ROES ordering system makes it incredibly easy to order these Accordion Books. Design your own, or use one of the pre-made templates created by Jamie Schultz (my favorite template designer, may I add.) The MpixPro style fits right in at my studio and with my clients.”

But don’t just take Jess’s word on why these rock. Here are some of her senior clients with why they love this mini album of sorts:

Head over to the website to get a start on your own senior sales shoo-in.

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