What’s Your Backup Plan?

Hey MpixPro friends and family!

Some of you might know that I’m from Joplin, Missouri. Yep, THAT Joplin. Today’s tip has everything to do with what you as a photographer should be doing to ensure the safekeeping of files when disaster strikes. Maybe you don’t live in “tornado alley,” but with tsunamis, hurricanes, forest fires, etc., nobody is immune to disaster.

What is your system for backing up files and ensuring their safety so that you never have to tell a client that you no longer have their images? It’s a scary thing to think about… but IMPORTANT.

I put my entire workflow up here, but I just wanted to share with you that backing up on an external hard drive isn’t enough. Burning discs of the images isn’t enough (even safe deposit boxes blew away with a bank in Joplin!). Hard drives have moving parts, so over time they will fail. Discs can easily be scratched, and become unreadable.

We always have THREE copies of the finished files. One on a harddrive, one on a local storage server, and one online.

I suppose that’s where all this is going. Please back your files up online in addition to your local copies. We use Zenfolio, and love them. They allow us to upload full resolution jpegs, so I know I’m covered in the event of an emergency. Another bonus of using Zenfolio (as if there weren’t enough) is that I can access my entire body of work from anywhere in the world. If a bride needs a file and I’m traveling, all I need to do is logon, download, and send.

Here’s to staying safe!

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