Using Engagement Images to Sell TONS of Wedding Prints

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Hey everybody!

Recently I showed you how to use engagement images to upsell packages by offering a unique product, the engagement guestbook. It may have not been a new idea to you, but to your clients who have never heard of a guestbook made with their images, it’s a homerun.

Today I want to share something else that is so minor of a product, but makes a HUGE difference in how much money I make after the wedding: engagement cards. I’ve heard them called event cards, which is probably a better name, but around my office we refer to them as engagement cards or bridal cards (if we use bridal images instead).

The idea is simple: bring a stack of 200, 400, etc. wallets that are pre-made with a couple’s image, your logo, and a link (and password, if needed) to where the wedding guests can view the images. We also put the date they’l be available to create a little excitement. Since I’ve started doing this, my wedding print sales have been much higher and effortless. Sounds like a plan, huh? I’ve posted a few different examples to show and inspire.

Do you have neat uses for engagement pictures? Let us know below! Or, email me and maybe we can feature the idea!

Talk to you soon,
Dale Benfield

2 Responses to “Using Engagement Images to Sell TONS of Wedding Prints”

  1. Liz says:

    This is such a great idea! I tried it at a wedding yesterday. I ordered the wallet prints as well as the new wallet box from MPix Pro and they were a HUGE hit! I designed the box to coordinate with the wallet prints with the info on them, but I left the box relatively free of text and info so that they can use it for whatever they like later.

    I hope it works and yields some sales! Great idea!!!!

  2. Liz says:

    oh one more thing – for those of you printing these on wallet sized prints, be sure to not make your text too small. You don’t want people to have these great marketing pieces and not be able to read them.