New dropitMODERN products!

Hi friends!

The fabulous folks at dropitMODERN have sent us some exciting news: they have released new backdrops, and a new storage system for your drops.  Kelli and Breanne sent some info about the new products…

* The 3 latest backdrop designs are a part of the new “Lightweight Line.” They are lighter in weight with lower price point, but still maintain the standard of luxury with beautiful velvet flocking. Sizes are available in 4×6, 4×9, 9×9, 9×12. Prices start at $67.
* The Antler Studio Storage System is another innovative design by dropitMODERN. It neatly and stylishly stores your backdrops in a way that displays their fabulous designs to your clients and keeps them wrinkle free. It is easily wall mounted and can be customized to match your studio esthetic.

I’ve used DIM drops a lot recently for our Benny Booth, and I couldn’t be more excited with the new selections we can now offer our brides. I could see these used for portrait sessions like crazy too! Yay!

Happy Shooting!

2 Responses to “New dropitMODERN products!”

  1. I would like to know more about these backdrops and the hanging system

  2. kelli avila says:

    @Randall, our website is If you’d like to speak with us directly you can email us at or call at 559.735.9790. We’ll answer any questions you have.

    Dale, I like you. And your wife. Thanks for the post!