Turn-Key Marketing Tools Now Available

Do you dream of turn-key marketing materials featuring all of your products, without the price, to promote your studio offerings? Pinch yourself because you are no longer dreaming. We happily introduce three new product catalogs for wedding, senior and family clients now available from MpixPro.

What’s so great about these catalogs?

  • Each catalog is specifically targeted for the wedding, family or senior market and contains products tailored to those specific clients, making it easier than ever to show a product’s uses.
  • To avoid overwhelming your clients, the catalogs give just enough product information to help them make informed decisions about what to order.
  • Product pricing is omitted so you can show your own custom price list.


To give you flexibility in how you present your products to clients, the catalogs are offered in two ways:

  • Visit the Marketing Tools section within the MpixPro site for access to a free PDF of the complete catalog.
  • Download images and text separately to create your own custom book, displaying only the products you offer in your studio.


Check one more thing off your to-do list with new sales tools from MpixPro. Visit the website to download yours now.

One Response to “Turn-Key Marketing Tools Now Available”

  1. Chris Myers says:

    This is GREAT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!