Tips: Preparing Your Images to Print

Matt Kloskowski is a photography and Photoshop instructor with OnOne, Inc. In addition to his numerous podcasts and tutorials, Matt is a best-selling author of over 20 Photoshop and digital photography books.

From sizing to optimal resolution, your choices have a direct influence on how your images print. If you’re new to MpixPro and professional printing, this Photoshop and Lightroom tutorial will improve your workflow and show you some great tools available through OnOne, Inc.

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5 Responses to “Tips: Preparing Your Images to Print”

  1. I use Zenfolio as my host website and mpixpro as my “vendor”. With that said does mpixpro have any printer profiles and how to I adjust my image for thier printers?

  2. Customer Service says:

    Hi Phil, if you can shoot an email over to we can send them over!

  3. HI I use Zenfolio as well and have MPix Pro as my vendor as well and need to know what color space to use when uploading my images to Zenfolio and ultimately, MPixPro? I have been using ProPhoto RGB but maybe that is not the best? I alsoo have spyder 4 for my monitor but not sure how to incorporate that into Zenfolio and MPixPro? Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Customer Service says:

    Hi Kristin, we need files in sRGB color space in 8-bit color. The Spyder 4 is a great tool for monitor calibration! If you have any other questions regarding your workflow, feel free to shoot an email over to or email Zenfolio customer service. Thanks for reaching out to us!