New Service: Color Correction

At MpixPro, we constantly push ourselves to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry and to bring new products and services to the table to increase your success as a photographer. Therefore, we will now offer our outstanding color management service as an option through MpixPro.

If you choose this color management service, our experienced team of color technicians will review every one of your images, then enhance if needed, to ensure your clients see consistent color throughout their photos. What are the benefits to using this service?

1. To ensure matching tones throughout all images.

2. In any case when you are unsure about the calibration of your monitor.

3. To save yourself precious post-processing time.

Our team has years of experience and is dedicated exclusively to managing the color of your images. You can opt-in to this service as a choice in your ROES shopping cart when ordering. Service is $1.25 per image and is available for prints, proofing, specialty, fine art products and albums.

Upload your orders today to see the difference of color correction.

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