New for Seniors: Custom Wallet Boxes!

Senior photography season is in full-swing this summer, and what better way to drive traffic to your studio than by offering a cool, new product like Custom Wallet Boxes from MpixPro!

We polled our customers on Facebook to find the most unique uses for the Custom Wallet Box in their studios. Here is a small sample of ways that you can generate buzz with the Custom Wallet Box.

Alaina Hedges Gros
I use them as gifts to seniors…when they order so many wallets, they get a free wallet box. They take them to school and show their friends, who happen to love them…therefore generating referrals and more business 🙂

Amy Phillips Henkel
I gave one to the first senior who booked with me so he could show it off at school. After that, I include one in an order of a certain amount. I make sure my contact information is on the bottom of the box. I have a wedding booked next month with 23 people in the wedding party. I’m going to give one to the bride…and I know she will show it around.

Sandi Fischer Korshnak
I use them for my senior reps. When they give me a certain amount of referrals, they get one from their session.

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