Layflat Love

This Little Piggy Photography, otherwise known as Julie Aktabowski, chooses the Layflat Book to ensure her images are done justice. Because what good are professional, beautiful images if what they are printed on is anything less than great?

“The Layflat Book is a great alternative for those clients that inquire about whether they can purchase all the digital files. For those that just know they will have to have all the images, the Layflat Book offers that as an option, but a much more beautiful way to view those images. Once they hold the big, beautiful book in their hands, they know that files sitting on their computer could never compare.”

Not only does Julie get her clients to do something with the images she creates for them, but she ensures that they are printed at a caliber equal to their beauty with the Layflat Book.

“The wraparound cover gives the Layflat Book a very streamlined look, and everyone raves about the sophisticated presentation of the textured satin cover upgrade.”

But the Layflat Book isn’t just another pretty covered book. It offers an ideal way for clients to feature their favorite images from a session when they are short on living space.

“Being located in an urban area, I have a lot of clients that live in smaller condos and loft-style units with large windows and fewer walls to divide living areas. The Layflat Books are a great way to display images for these clients without a lot of wall space.”

Not to mention it’s a great investment for Julie’s clients.

“I love being able to offer my clients a way to view all the images from their session in one place. It’s also great that they can take it with them and share their printed images outside their home. “

Just get one in your studio and it will sell itself. How easy is that?

“I love that when my clients see my Layflat Book studio sample, they just have to have their own!”

Thanks, Julie, we’re so happy that you love this book as much as we love making it for you. Now for the rest of you, visit the website to ensure your images get in the hands of your clients and are as beautiful as you intended.

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