Inspired by Melissa Koehler

When you hit an inspirational wall, it’s nice to see what other professionals in your field are doing to stay fresh and relevant and to see what inspires them. Melissa Koehler, star of our most recent ad, is here to share just in case you may be feeling like you’re in a creative rut.

“Everything around me inspires my creativity, but my kids and my husband are the ones that inspire me the most. They make me want to be the best I can be at everything.”

As the premier portrait and wedding photographer in San Diego, California, Melissa highlights her beautiful work and helps inspire clients to DO something with the images from their session using favorite products like the Luxe DVD Case, Luxe Frame and Accordion Mini.

Looking for a more professional presentation for your images? Check out the Luxe DVD Case.

“The Luxe DVD Case is such a beautiful way to present wedding images to clients. It’s a fresh new approach to the standard DVD and I love how you can customize each case and DVD to fit your client perfectly.”

Want to inspire your clients to DO something with the images from their session? Try a Luxe Frame.

“The Luxe Frame adds such a beautiful dimension to your everyday frame. I feel like it puts such an elegant touch to your photo and my clients are really excited about them.”

Need a more creative way to help clients share the images with others? Use an Accordion Mini.

“The Accordion Mini is such a great way to show off your wedding without having to break out your album. It’s small enough to carry with you yet gives a huge impact when people see it. I love how customizable they are too!”

But don’t just take her word for it. Visit the website now to get inspired and create inspiring work of your own.

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