Engagement Guestbooks: LOVE them!

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Hey everybody!

I received a reader’s email last week asking about engagement guestbooks and any other fun idea to offer with engagement photos. Let me just say that I sell a TON of engagement guestbooks!  If you don’t already offer these, I’m sure you will after you read how easy it is to implement this into your packages right away.  By the way, I have used both MpixPro layflat albums (LOVE THE MATTE finish) and the custom hardcover press book as guestbooks, and both work great.  I typically choose the stock paper because it is the easiest on which to write.

First, let me explain what they are.
After the engagement session I’ll design a book that will be used as a couple’s actual guestbook for their wedding. Their guests will sign (or write a little message) on their way into the ceremony. When designing the layouts of the book, I’ll leave lots of white space or fade out pictures so guests will have room to write. It’s a GREAT way to show off engagement pictures as well as make more money from your current clients.

(here are a couple of shots from one of my guestbooks – as seen on the MpixPro catalog page)
Engagement Guestbook - Custom Hard Cover Book

Next, let me explain how I sell them to clients.

Since I started showing these to couples in 2007, over 70 percent of couples who get an engagement session get an engagement guestbook. The keyword here is “SHOW.” It’s almost cliche: you sell what you show. However, that’s because it’s true. At every client meeting I have, I show this. Here are a few things we say when we’re showing this book:
—“It’s a great way to show off your engagement photos – nobody really ever sees them except for the image in the newspaper.”
—“This book, unlike the old book with lines, you’ll continue to get out for years and years. You can show it to your children and to your grandchildren one day.”
—“You should have your parents write you a message in it, as well as your wedding party. Their words to you will be great to read over and over again throughout your marriage.”
And so on. You see, we’re appealing to emotions, and when you pair that with a killer sample that’s filled with great images, who is going to say no?

Engagment Guestbook

Stay tuned next week for another fun idea to help you make more money using engagement images!

Here’s to great guestbooks!

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