Accordion Mini News and Notes!

We recently ran a contest on our MpixPro Facebook page asking for the coolest and most unique ideas on how professional photographers are using MpixPro Accordion Minis in their business. Here are some of the great ideas we found!

“I use the accordion minis as my wedding services guide. It has a little about me, pricing and a small sampling of my portfolio. These are given out to vendors and venues that I shoot at frequently. I also do the same with boudoir at salons and newborns/maternity at doctor’s offices.”
– Jamie Koppi

“We use the accordion mini as a portable portfolio. I have one for each category (weddings, boudoir, seniors, etc).”
– Claudine Jackson

“We use ours as mini-photographer portfolios, as gifts for senior clients with each order and have even used one for our family!”
– Erica McKimmey

“We order a set of 3 and surprise the client with two free accordion minis when they make a large purchase”
– Jenn Lewis

“We use them as ‘thank you’ gifts for clients who spend a certain amount on their session”
Jamie Smith

As you can see, there is no limit to how creative you can get when featuring the Accordion Mini.

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