Important Tax Info Update

For those MpixPro customers in Missouri and Kansas, we need to borrow five minutes of your time to update our tax records.

Periodically we are required to update our tax records.  We experienced a very high percentage of ‘tax exempt’ orders in 2010, and need to ensure tax exempt orders are truly tax exempt. If your orders do indeed qualify for tax exemption, please take a moment now and complete the Exemption Certificate below.

Effective 7/1/2011 tax exempt orders will not ship unless we have an Exemption Certificate on file.

Update your tax exempt status with two easy steps:


1. Download the form

2. Mail, fax or email it to us

Please email your form to, fax it to 620.231.6783, or mail to:

Box 777
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

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