Free Senior Templates in ROES

We have exciting news to share. New senior templates from Jamie Schultz Designs are now available through MpixPro and are completely free! The first of many templates we will be rolling out, find designs for your favorite senior products in our ROES software, including:

Accordion Books – Easy to carry and easy to share, Accordion Books let you feature several images in one unique package. Plus, the seven customizable panels are easy to design.

Accordion Minis – Another fun and unique way to share a number of your best images. Accordion Minis have 10-12 customizable panels that can be designed individually or as pano spreads.

Flat Cards – High school graduation is a momentous occasion and should be treated as such. Whether or not your seniors are having a big bash to celebrate, every graduate should be recognized with a quality, beautifully-designed Senior Announcement.

Custom Image Boxes – Use this unique product in a number of ways, including as a modern alternative to an album or a polished way to present prints. Add an image or a DVD holder to the inside flap for even more customization.

Custom DVD Cases – When selling the rights to your images, present your work with professionalism. Custom DVD Cases hold one or two DVDs and help carry your branding through to the finish. To complete the package, add a Custom Printed DVD.

Templates for these products are ready for you to enjoy. Simply open or download ROES to get your hands on these youthful new designs.

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