New and Improved Canvas from MpixPro

Sometimes change is a good thing, and sometimes it’s a great thing. Introducing our latest change – a NEW canvas substrate for MpixPro Gallery Wraps! You’ll immediately notice the richer color saturation, deeper blacks, and wider color gamut our new canvas provides, but what else can you expect?

Canvas Specifications. It is a 400gsm white poly-cotton blend matte canvas with archival certification.

Water Resistant Finish. The new canvas in combination with our inks give a water resistant finish, which means there’s no need for protective coating.

Industry Approved. We’re happy to announce that the new canvas is 100% free of optical-brightener additives and has been tested and approved by the International Fine Art Trade Guild for print permanence. It also meets the Archival Standards set forth by the Fine Art Trade Guild for pH and lightfastness.

Heavier, More Flexible Weave. You’ll find that with a heavier 2-on-1 weave, our new canvas is more flexible than before.

It’s Green! For every roll of canvas we purchase, a tree is planted!

While the canvas has changed, all other product features and options remain the same. To find out more about MpixPro Gallery Wraps, click here.


Q. Will the new canvas look dramatically different than the old?
A. In terms of image quality, yes, you’ll find the look and color of the new canvas to be much improved. However, the size of weave and gloss level is very close to our original canvas so it should not be noticeable.

Q. When will the new canvas be available?
A. The new canvas is available now and will be used for all future Gallery Wrap orders.

Q. Does this change affect pricing?
A. No, Gallery Wrap pricing remains the same.

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    I would love to have an iPad for meeting with potential clients and for long flights too!

  2. Cory Murdock says:

    Please please please pick me!!!!!!!!!
    I love Mpix Pro

  3. You can bet I tweeted about it. Would live that IPAd and the great photo box.

  4. Matt says:

    LOVE the new canvas!