What I’m Loving… dropitMODERN’s SNAP cases!

Hey friends!

Dale here. I learned of a super cool secret product that is about to launch and (after getting permission of course) thought I could share it with y’all! Yay! My friends at dropitMODERN – you know, the super cool, high quality backdrops that we use in our Benny Booth – have developed a new product… SNAP cases for iPhones! Holllaaaa!!

The gang at DIM is so funny and creative! I love what they say about the case…
–The 70’s called and they wanted you to have this:
–Keep your phone safe, but most importantly, keep it sexy. SNAP is a sleek, functional, and light weight case for the keeper of your life: your iPhone 4.
How fun is this????

Just SNAP it already!


3 Responses to “What I’m Loving… dropitMODERN’s SNAP cases!”

  1. Nice, too bad they don’t make them for any of the Android phones.

  2. Robyn says:

    VERY cool!! 🙂