Spring Styling Tricks

Spring is in the air, flowers are in bloom and your spring sessions have begun. It’s a time when clients are looking for a fresh new look for their appearance, their wardrobe, their home. Take advantage of spring fever with a little revamping of your own.

Professional photographers Breanne Schaap, Dale Benfield and Laura Winslow share their favorite, trendiest styling tricks for spring.

Bree’s Styling Trick: Unexpected Genre and Color Pairings

“I love to pair together trendy elements with classic genre’s. I am drawn toward unexpected color mixtures, it’s my signature touch. For this photo shoot I decided to marry my two favorite styles: classic prep + modern flair. I have this little guy wearing a classic school boy blazer and tie with pops of color in his tangerine shorts and bright green gazelle tennis shoes (mixing bright pops of color is so hot this spring). This combination keeps things classic and familiar with a modern twist. I love to collaborate with my clients’ clothing style and always opt for a pop of color because that’s what I love to work with the most.”

Dale’s Styling Trick: Let the Sun Be Your Boss

“When we schedule shoots in the spring, we want to get that yummy golden light, so we let the sunset times dictate our shoot. Our sessions usually last about 90 minutes, so if the sun sets at 7:30 pm, we start at 6 pm. Unfortunately, that only lets us shoot one session per day in the perfectly wonderful light, but when you’re a wedding photographer, that’s enough! If you’re a portrait photographer, you could add a sunrise shoot time. Then plan your quicker shoots for the early slot, as sunrises go a lot faster than sunsets. It has almost become a signature Benfield Photography look to have delicious golden light in our photos, and we like it that way!”

Laura’s Styling Trick: Color, The Perfect Spring Accent

“Don’t be afraid to use color to accentuate the gorgeous shades of spring! Adding in color is easy and achievable in a multitude of ways, from patterns on a dress to funky ties, hair accessories and breezy scarves. My favorite way to add pops of color to spring sessions is by far the easiest: I love to use the greenery or flowers naturally found at our outdoor locations. Place a flower behind mom’s ear, create a crown of daisies, have a teen hold a bunch of wildflowers or place a giggling child in a sea of blooms and shoot down on them. The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination and the beauty of nature, which can add gorgeous color and a natural, organic feel to your already rockin’ sessions!”

Give one of the above tips your own touch and implement in your spring sessions to get clients excited about your photography while boosting sales. Browse the catalog now to find the perfect products to match your new styling strategy then let your imagination run wild!

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