Spring Product Tips

Spring is in the air, flowers are in bloom and your spring sessions have begun. It’s a time when clients are looking for a fresh new look for their appearance, their wardrobe, their home. Take advantage of spring fever with a little revamping of your own.

Professional photographers Breanne Schaap, Dale Benfield and Laura Winslow share their favorite, most successful product tips for spring.

Bree’s Product Pick: Accordion Mini

“I like to surprise my clients. One week after our session, I have MpixPro send my clients a little package in the mail with a sweet Accordion Mini hidden inside. The experience of getting a gift in the mail when you least expect it is the perfect gesture. It gets my clients excited to place their orders and the Accordion Mini quickly turns into a ‘brag book’ that they take with them everywhere. At just the right size, it is the perfect teaser gift for my clients.”

Dale’s Product Pick: Gallery Wrap

“All year round, we sell Gallery Wraps like they’re going out of style (but they never do!). They are my favorite product, and my clients love seeing their image on the high-quality wrap. It sets me up for success because it portrays my art as… well… ART!”

Laura’s Product Pick: Print Wrap

“I love print wraps on metallic paper so much and find them to be a modern and sleek offering for my clients. They show off the colors and emotion of my images in a unique and whimsical way. The quality is amazing and the way it stands off of the wall is so intriguing to my clients.”

Incorporate one of the above products into your spring sessions and make it your own to increase sales and to give clients another reason to get excited about your photography. To find your perfect product mix for the season, view the catalog and let your creativity go!

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  1. You make spring so alive and upbeat.