Shooting for Metal, part 2: video tutorial

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Hey everybody!
Following up my last post about how to prepare images for some metal-fabulousness, I wanted to post a little tutorial on how we add a texture to an image quickly and easily. There are definitely “better” ways to do it, but to us this is the simplest and gets us our desired effect. If you can’t view the video for any reason I also wrote out some instructions below. Make sure to leave any technical questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.

**If the video is too small, click here to see the original size, or download the tutorial:

Written Instructions for applying the texture to your image:
Open the .png or .jpg file in Photoshop.
Open the image you want to apply the texture to.
Drag the texture (with the move tool) on top of your image and release.
Transform the texture (command+T, or CTRL+T on a PC) to extend over
the image. Rotate if necessary. Press enter to apply the
In the layers palette (if it’s not on your screen, go to
Window->Layers, or press F7) change your mode from “Normal” to
That’s it!

If you want to play around with it, we also like changing the blending
mode (in the layers palette) to multiply for some images. Also, we
might reduce the opacity.

Here’s one more killer tip: If any part of the texture is over skin,
or something you don’t want it on, instead of using the eraser tool
use the SMUDGE tool!

Talk to you soon,

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  2. Hi..

    I am unsure whether I want to order a metal print ( not metallic print) in sepia or high contrast color… I only see color shots… are there any samples of sepia? My shots contain alot of green blues and yellows…