New! Accordion Books from MpixPro

Increase the buzz about your studio with this great new product! Accordion books are the perfect alternative to regular books and cards. With seven panels that are completely customizable, this is truly a product as unique as your work!

Download the sizing templates here!

Q: Where do I find the Accordion Books in ROES?

A: Accordion Books are found in the PRESS catalog in ROES. See this screenshot for more details:

Here are more great looks at the new Accordion Books!

9 Responses to “New! Accordion Books from MpixPro”

  1. Desiree says:

    Hi – when I opened the sizing templates for this product, I did not see any guide lines. How do we know where the folds will be? Thanks.

  2. Heidi Abbott says:

    LOVE it!! I will definitely be ordering some of these. Thank MpixPro.

  3. MpixPro says:

    @Desiree- You have to go to View- Show Guides to see the lines.

  4. beverly says:

    hmmm…the “View-Show Guides” is greyed out. any ideas?

    the books look awesome!

  5. beverly says:

    just to clarify my other post (the guides show up on everything BUT the “AccordionBookINSIDEIMAGE.jpg” file.

  6. Nancy says:

    How in the world do I upload for this accordion???

    Under the 4.5×8 Accordion Book tab, the only options it gives me is for “Custom Cover.”

    I can get the cover uploaded … but that’s the only (red outlines) ‘template’ I can get to come up.

    I think I can see the other red outlined templates at the top … but how do I get them into the upload window?

    And what is the difference between “4x5x8 accordion book $27.00” and “4.5×8 accordion book with inside image $29.50” – ??

    I am using Jamie Schultz’s template (shown in mPix’s examples above) – which gives me a front with four panels, and a back with 3 panels.

    No phone number to contact mPix to walk me thru it.

  7. MpixPro says:

    Nancy- There are arrows next to the “FRONT COVER” text that lets you navigate to the inside pages.

    Please email for more help.

  8. ekyzdtv says:

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  9. Mike says:

    For those having trouble seeing the guides in the jpeg templates — make sure you don’t have Photoshop/Bridge/Lightroom set to “prefer Camera RAW for jpeg” or something similar. Turn off that preference, then restart the editing software, and you should be able to turn on the “view guides” option and see them.

    I discovered that solution through a Google search after firing off a somewhat snarky comment to customer service (my apologies and thanks to Molly, who handled my question). Got my book yesterday, and am quite pleased with it.