iPad: How do you plan to use it?

Hey everybody!

With the release of the first version of iPad, it really got my wheels turning about how I could use this in my photography business – mostly because I want to buy one and be able to write it off.  Ha ha!

For the sake of this post, we’re not debating on whether to buy one or not.  There are lots of existing blog posts about that.  Instead, this post is for those who are planning on getting one and incorporating it into their business duties.

If you haven’t already seen the iPad video, which discusses many of its capabilities, click this link (opens in a pop-up).  I’ve also checked out some of the apps for the iPad and have been pretty impressed.  In particular, the calendar app looks great!

Here are my top five hopeful uses for the iPad:

1) Slideshows for clients.  Duh! This one doesn’t take much creativity to dream up, but I do love the options to customize the slide shows.

2) Album proofing for clients, or album examples for prospective clients.  Because you can drop jpegs on the iPad, you can essentially show off current album designs for approval (from existing clients) or ooohs and ahhhhhs from prospective clients.  Instead of having your big ol’ MacBook Pro at dinner with your client, just pull out the iPad and give that WOW factor as you show off your sick design skills.

3) Give it as a gift! It’s no new idea to give an i{product} as a gift.  We used to do iPods until everybody already had one. Now, the iPad gives us something we can give to high-end clients either in a top package or as a jaw-dropping surprise (loaded with their images, of course). Additionally, they can use it as an expensive photo frame or take it with them to show ALLLLLLLLL their co-workers, family, and friends. Jackpot!

If you do this, don’t forget to load the iPad with your contact info, links to your blog and website and twitter, and throw on a best of the best images folder so they can show you off to the best of their ability!

4) Because it shows video, you can also show off your fusion pieces, assuming you’re in to that sort of thing.  Again, it can be a gift of a way to show off your awesomeness.  Bring this thing to bridal fairs, too, but keep your eyes on it!

5) Use it as your super-planner.  One thing I hate about my iPhone is that when I check an open date while I’ve met somebody out and about, it is SOOOO small!  Having my handy-dandy super-planner with me in the iPad will help me keep track of appointments and open dates so I’m ready to book on the spot.

~~~And now for a bonus~~~ This is something I HOPE to incorporate, but I’m not quite sure how to just yet: sign contracts right there on the iPad.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your contract stored on the iPad so when a client is ready and willing to give you the job you can have them sign the contract right then and there, and then you can immediately email them a copy (assuming you’re connected to the internet through the Wi-Fi or 3G).  Oh, and if you take credit cards online, just pull up your shopping cart page and hand over the iPad and get PAID!

Do YOU have any thoughts about how we as photographers can use the iPad?  I would LOOOOOOVE to hear them, so leave a comment!

Talk to you soon,


8 Responses to “iPad: How do you plan to use it?”

  1. Carey says:

    awesome Dale! What I’ve been wondering, and I haven’t seen anybody address it, is how you can pre-load jpgs or movies or music on an ipad. Wouldn’t it have to be synced to your own computer? Then when the recipient tries to sync it to their own computer, it will wipe all of the data. Is there a special way to “gift” an iPad’s stored data so it won’t get wiped when they sync it to their own computer at home? I’ve always wondered about that when people have given iPods in the past, and now with the iPad, too.

  2. Brad Moss says:

    For signing contracts you can use this http://tenonedesign.com/stylus.php

    It is a capacitive styles that works with iPhones and iPads.

    PS. I’m posting this from my iPad and I LOVE IT!

  3. Albert Yau says:

    Great blogpost. I’ve actually successfully used it for a contract signing, it’s an app called ‘Padnotes’ and it allows you to upload a PDF and write onto it with your finger or an electro sensitive pen that they also sell. Then you can email it to your client and yourself. There’s an app called ‘square’ that I used to generate a receipt for them when they gave me their retainer.

  4. Awesome comments, guys! I’ll definitely check that out!
    Carey, you can download an SD card to your iPad if you don’t wanna sync. Pretty sure.

  5. Will that Pogo Stylus work with other smart phones? I imagine it would of course, but wanted to be sure. That would be a great seller for the Omnia (Windows based smart phone), since we also have no place on the phone for a stylus.

    As for how I would use an iPad, as a viewer on location shoots.

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