WPPI: Prizes, Contests and More!

We are a little excited about WPPI. In fact, we’re bouncing up and down in anticipation. We know that you must be just as excited, but just in case you’re not, we’re giving away a TON of free stuff this year!

What are we giving away and how do you win?

* Every day we will post a super top-secret message on our MpixPro Twitter page. The first 15 people to show our booth babe Dale Benfield that they’ve re-tweeted this message will win one of our special MpixPro Twitter tees.

* Each day we will be announcing three or four products. Be the first to take a picture of one of these products and post it on our Facebook page or @mpixpro reply on Twitter will win a free printing of that product. (Example: be the first to post a picture of a metal mural and you win a free mural with your image on it)

* We will be randomly picking winners from those who re-Tweet this blog post or any other Tweets and blog posts we make during WPPI (March 8-10). All you have to do is re-Tweet our posts and you’re entered to win.

* And here’s the big daddy of them all. Let us scan your badge at the show and you will automatically be entered to win the MpixPro Pick 3. Win and you can pick any three MpixPro products and we will print them for you- for free!

So there it is! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and even subscribe to the blog to get updates and info on contests.

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