Introducing the MpixPro Signature Album

We present to you the MpixPro Signature Album.

Ultra-modern and sleek, the MpixPro Signature Album radiates style and simplicity. Handcrafted in the lab by our skilled artisans, we carefully inspect and construct each album with exact precision.

Your album begins with one of our exquisite covers where you will select from Italian Leather, Fine Linen and photographic Custom Cover options. The inside features up to 50 pages of your stunning imagery printed on E-Surface photographic paper or Classic Felt press paper. Albums are assembled in 1-2 days and ship via free FedEx overnight delivery.

In an increasingly digital world, it is more important than ever to preserve your work by providing clients a memory they can physically touch and holdThe MpixPro Signature Album is here for exactly that.

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Interested in a studio sample? Choose ‘studio sample’ in the shopping cart to receive 25% off your sample album (back cover is stamped “Sample, Not for Resale”).

4 Responses to “Introducing the MpixPro Signature Album”

  1. Kelly Hosch says:

    YAY! I have been waiting forever for y’al to come out with an album!!! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Will these have mounted pages? And will they allow for panoramic spreads? Love the cover options!!

  3. Linda Swope says:

    I’m very excited about adding these to our lineup. The canvas is intriguing. Significant changes to your already nice quality assembled albums without a huge jump in price. These will really meet our needs!

  4. MpixPro says:

    Hi Elizabeth. Every spread is a panoramic spread and all pages are mounted flush to the edge of the page.