Dale’s WPPI Wrap-up

Hey everybody!

I know you’re not surprised that it’s a week later that I get around to WPPI wrap-up. I mean, that trip was INTENSE! It definitely took a little recovery time. Now that the we’re settled back home, I have my wits about me and can finally form rational thoughts about the week.

Hanging out at the booth was incredible. I had lots of photographer friends, new and old, come by to chat. Honestly, this was one of my favorite parts of the week. Some of you told me about cool ways you use MpixPro products, and others just wanted to chat it up. I loved both. I was happy to see how packed the booth was pretty much nonstop for three days.

The scariest part was speaking in the booth. I’ve taught for many years, but SPEAKING – that’s a different thing altogether. I get nervous when I talk. Leading up to it I was a mess until I started thinking about it as a fun conversation with friends. That actually helped a lot. My friend Louis Torres stopped by the booth and snapped some shots of me, so I thought I’d publicly thank him and put one of his shots of me making a silly face on here. Oh, and check out his site for wedding photographers. Thanks Louis!

Dale Benfield speaking at WPPI

Another favorite part was seeing some super photographers and industry leaders speak in the booth. I got to see bits and pieces of everybody and learned a ton (especially from Dave Cross – man, that guy’s gooooood!). Here’s Arden speaking in the booth to a great crowd.

If there was a singular favorite moment I had in Vegas, it wasn’t the yummy meals or parties (though they were crazy fun), it was this memorable end to Bobbi and Mike’s talk (see her post about it here). I love her so much, and (as much as anybody could) know her so well, so I wasn’t surprised when she asked her audience to sing Happy Birthday to her mom. So cute! I shot video for her to send to her “Momba” Aw, it was precious.

If you didn’t get to go to WPPI this year, I’d definitely recommend it for the future. Not only do you get to touch and feel amazing products that you can otherwise only see online (hello, metal mural!) and learn from the best in the business, you also get to meet lots of fun photographers in the process.

What were your favorite parts of WPPI?

Here’s to Vegas (baby),

P.S. I have to put up this cute shot of Mike, Bobbi, and me.  FUN!

Bobbi and Mike with Dale

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